I provide design-led VFX and art direction for film and TVCs, with a focus on title sequence design.

I'm a Director, VFX Supervisor/Flame Artist, and awarded designer based in Sydney, AU. After many years at many companies, I am now also the Creative Director of Sydney studio Substance.

What matters most to me is how meaningful and expressive the work can be. I seek challenging and inspiring projects, with teams who are both technically brilliant and spectacularly creative, and clients who are not afraid to trust and experiment.

I burn with the power of a thousand suns for the opportunity to collaborate on projects that blend both art and science.

Currently seeking representation.

TEDx Sydney: Humankind
Direction, Titles, 3D
Direction, Title Sequence, Film
APDG Titles
Title Sequence
TEDx Sydney Titles
Direction, Design, Titles
Node Fest
Direction, Ident, 3D
AEAF: Title Sequence
Direction, Titles
Killing Ground: VFX
VFX Supervision, VFX, Print
ATC – Autumn Carnival
Design, Compositing, Animation
Merivale: Guilty Pleasures
VFX, Compositing
Foxtel: Chris Hemsworth – Drama
VFX Supervision, VFX, Compositing
Foxtel: Chris Hemsworth – Box Sets
VFX Supervision, VFX, Compositing
Foxtel: Chris Hemsworth – Movies
VFX Supervision, VFX, Compositing
VFX, Motion Graphics, Art Direction
Happy: Title Sequence
Title Sequence, Design, Art Direction
Foxtel “Screen”: Title Sequence
Title Sequence, Design, Compositing
Old School: Title Sequence
Title Sequence, Design, Art Direction
The Little Death: Title Sequence
Design, Animation, Compositing
Fandangles – Fairy Floss
VFX, Compositing
McDonalds: All Day Brekkie
Design, VFX, Compositing
NRL Kick Bowel Cancer
Compositing, VFX
TWTWB: Title Sequence
Film, Titles, Design, Compositing
Weight Watchers 2013 Campaign
Motion Graphics, Design, Animation
ARU Lions Tour
Compositing, VFX, Matte Painting
Firies Title Sequence
Title Sequence, VFX, Compositing
Foxtel: Ad Free
VFX, Compositing
APIA: Odd?
VFX, Compositing
Ford Focus: Fairground
VFX, Compositing
McDonalds: Fireworks
VFX Supervision, VFX, Compositing
Louie the Fly: Locked Out
Compositing, VFX, Effects Design
Nicorette: Fresh Drop
Compositing, VFX, Shoot Supervision
Reflex Breakdancer
Compositing, VFX
Melbourne Cycling
Design, Compositing
The Great Gatsby
PreVis, VFX, Compositing
Tales of Tails: Title Sequence
Titles, Logo, Pitch
ARIAS Styleframes
Design, Direction, Pitch
Cryo: Title Sequence
Titles, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
TWTWB Titles Pitch
Concept, Pitch, Design
TWTWB Collateral/Posters
Design, Illustration, Art Direction
Wish You Were Here: Title Sequence
Film, Typography, Titles
Ford Focus: Lamp Post
VFX, Compositing
Flume: Intelligent Sounds
VFX, Compositing
McDonalds – Maccas Run
VFX, Compositing
McDonalds: McOz
VFX Supervision
McDonalds – Jiggle
VFX Supervision, Compositing
McDonalds: Australia Day
VFX, Compositing
Dare Iced Coffee
VFX, Compositing
McDonalds – McFresh
VFX, Compositing
Son Of Mac
VFX, Compositing
2012 Showreel
Film, TVC, Titles, Design
Coke Zero: Dark Lord
VFX Supervision, Compositing
Bat Eyes: Title Sequence
Titles, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
Hyundai i20: Going Places
Design, Animation, Compositing
Scarygirl Opener
Compositing, Motion
Molten Hair
Compositing, VFX, Beauty
Whiskas Purple Cat
GIO: Trust
VFX, Compositing, Matte Painting
Coopers Clear: Ghost
Compositing, VFX
Film, Design, UI
Toyota Camry: Service Advantage
Pitch, Design, Animation, Comp
Cops: L.A.C Titles Pitch
Titles, Pitch, Design
Cops: L.A.C. Title Sequence
Titles, Direction, Design
Morris Janks
VFX, Compositing
Stan Walker Music Video
Compositing, VFX
Milo Crunchy Bites
Compositing, VFX
Sydney Film Festival 2012
Compositing, VFX, Shoot Supervision
Bundaberg: Think Tank
Compositing, VFX
Empire of the Sun: Without You
Motion, Design, Compositing
NSW Health: STI
Design, Direction, Animation, Comp
Milo: Grow
Design, Compositing, Motion Graphics
Coke Summer
Design, Animation, Comp
Coke Summer Promo: 2009
Design, Animation, Comp, Edit
Citroen: Triomphe
Compositing, Design, Motion
Film VFX, Compositing, Design