I provide design-led VFX and art direction for film and TVCs, with a focus on title sequence design.

I'm a Director, VFX Supervisor/Flame Artist, and awarded designer based in Sydney, AU. After many years at many companies, I am now also the Creative Director of Sydney studio Substance.

What matters most to me is how meaningful and expressive the work can be. I seek challenging and inspiring projects, with teams who are both technically brilliant and spectacularly creative, and clients who are not afraid to trust and experiment.

I burn with the power of a thousand suns for the opportunity to collaborate on projects that blend both art and science.

Currently seeking representation.

APDG Titles
Title Sequence
TEDx Sydney Titles
Direction, Design, Titles
Node Fest
Direction, Ident, 3D
AEAF: Title Sequence
Direction, Titles
Killing Ground: VFX
VFX Supervision, VFX, Print
ATC – Autumn Carnival
Design, Compositing, Animation
Merivale: Guilty Pleasures
VFX, Compositing
Foxtel: Chris Hemsworth – Drama
VFX Supervision, VFX, Compositing
Foxtel: Chris Hemsworth – Box Sets
VFX Supervision, VFX, Compositing
Foxtel: Chris Hemsworth – Movies
VFX Supervision, VFX, Compositing
VFX, Motion Graphics, Art Direction
Happy: Title Sequence
Title Sequence, Design, Art Direction
Foxtel “Screen”: Title Sequence
Title Sequence, Design, Compositing
Old School: Title Sequence
Title Sequence, Design, Art Direction
The Little Death: Title Sequence
Design, Animation, Compositing
Fandangles – Fairy Floss
VFX, Compositing
McDonalds: All Day Brekkie
Design, VFX, Compositing
NRL Kick Bowel Cancer
Compositing, VFX
TWTWB: Title Sequence
Film, Titles, Design, Compositing
Weight Watchers 2013 Campaign
Motion Graphics, Design, Animation
ARU Lions Tour
Compositing, VFX, Matte Painting
Firies Title Sequence
Title Sequence, VFX, Compositing
Foxtel: Ad Free
VFX, Compositing
APIA: Odd?
VFX, Compositing
Ford Focus: Fairground
VFX, Compositing
McDonalds: Fireworks
VFX Supervision, VFX, Compositing
Louie the Fly: Locked Out
Compositing, VFX, Effects Design
Nicorette: Fresh Drop
Compositing, VFX, Shoot Supervision
Reflex Breakdancer
Compositing, VFX
Melbourne Cycling
Design, Compositing
The Great Gatsby
PreVis, VFX, Compositing
Tales of Tails: Title Sequence
Titles, Logo, Pitch
ARIAS Styleframes
Design, Direction, Pitch
Cryo: Title Sequence
Titles, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
TWTWB Titles Pitch
Concept, Pitch, Design
TWTWB Collateral/Posters
Design, Illustration, Art Direction
Wish You Were Here: Title Sequence
Film, Typography, Titles
Ford Focus: Lamp Post
VFX, Compositing
Flume: Intelligent Sounds
VFX, Compositing
McDonalds – Maccas Run
VFX, Compositing
McDonalds: McOz
VFX Supervision
McDonalds – Jiggle
VFX Supervision, Compositing
McDonalds: Australia Day
VFX, Compositing
Dare Iced Coffee
VFX, Compositing
McDonalds – McFresh
VFX, Compositing
Son Of Mac
VFX, Compositing
2012 Showreel
Film, TVC, Titles, Design
Coke Zero: Dark Lord
VFX Supervision, Compositing
Bat Eyes: Title Sequence
Titles, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
Hyundai i20: Going Places
Design, Animation, Compositing
Scarygirl Opener
Compositing, Motion
Molten Hair
Compositing, VFX, Beauty
Whiskas Purple Cat
GIO: Trust
VFX, Compositing, Matte Painting
Coopers Clear: Ghost
Compositing, VFX
Film, Design, UI
Toyota Camry: Service Advantage
Pitch, Design, Animation, Comp
Cops: L.A.C Titles Pitch
Titles, Pitch, Design
Cops: L.A.C. Title Sequence
Titles, Direction, Design
Morris Janks
VFX, Compositing
Stan Walker Music Video
Compositing, VFX
Milo Crunchy Bites
Compositing, VFX
Sydney Film Festival 2012
Compositing, VFX, Shoot Supervision
Bundaberg: Think Tank
Compositing, VFX
Empire of the Sun: Without You
Motion, Design, Compositing
NSW Health: STI
Design, Direction, Animation, Comp
Milo: Grow
Design, Compositing, Motion Graphics
Coke Summer
Design, Animation, Comp
Coke Summer Promo: 2009
Design, Animation, Comp, Edit
Citroen: Triomphe
Compositing, Design, Motion
Film VFX, Compositing, Design