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TVC: Design, Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics (After Effects/Flame)

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Car commercials always involve a lot of intensive cleanup work and invisible effects, and this was no exception. Over a month, I worked around the clock with Post Modern to please the highly demanding Citroen China and director Rob Dupear. My involvement was spread over many areas: in Photoshop I created pitch frames. In After Effects I designed and animated graphic elements and diagrams, and tracked these to work with the motion of the camera. In flame (working with Naomi Anderlini) I composited shots and cleaned up plates and car bodies, polished roads, replaced skies and number plates, enchanced tunnels, stablised motion, painted, reflected, and beautified.

The After Effects animation sequences of on-screen graphics highlight the intelligent design of specific features of the car, as well as the interaction between car and driver. These animations are used to digramatically and precisely illustrate a number of concepts: the communication between man and machine, communication between the intelligent remote and the car, features of the car itself, and the thought processes of the driver.

The animations of man machine echo and complement one another, working to create a picture of car and driver acting as one. The diagrams, maths equations, and calculations reveal a car that is as intelligent as its driver, a car that anticipates and compensates. A car that not only looks good, but drives well.

If you want to know more about the expressions used to create the dynamic graphs, shifting numbers, and spherical clouds of icons, leave a comment.


Rob Dupear
Dentsu Beijing
Senior Compositor:
Naomi Anderlini
Design/Animation/Motion Graphics (After Effects)
Scott Geersen
Compositing (Flame):
Scott Geersen
Lizzie Topen


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