Empire of the Sun: Without You

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Music Video: Design, Animation, Compositing

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Working with director Josh Logue from Mathematics, I was asked to explore different animations and styles of space-style effects that referenced 2001: A Space Odyssey, for the music video of Empire of the Sun’s fourth single: Without You. Frontman Luke Steele goes brings out his best Bowie on a set full of white statues, rich feasts, infinite rainbow starscapes and ice-blue tones.

Using a bucket-load of expressions, particles, and illustrator files, I recreated the slit-scan look in After Effects without actually slitting or scanning anything. A variety of inky, flowing plates were also generated using extreme timewarping of smoke and ink, colourised to fit in with the bold look of this music video.

This is the Director’s Cut of this video. For the official release please see the Mathematics site.

Leave a comment if you want to know more about how I created these effects in After Effects.


Josh Logue
Senior Compositor:
Marcus Bolton
Design, Animation, Compositing:
Scott Geersen
Vincent Taylor
Anna Greensmith


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