Foxtel “Screen”: Title Sequence

Foxtel Screen Titles: image01

Title Sequence: VFX, Design, Compositing (Smoke/After Effects)

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When iconic film critic Margaret Pomeranz wrapped up “At the Movies” last year, the loss resonated with Australian audiences. Enter “Screen”, on Foxtel’s new HD Arts channel. Margaret and co-star Graeme will discover, digest, review and guide viewers through the latest offerings in film, television and online content.

Our lives are filled with screens. We can now touch and share content in ways like never before. I was asked by Ink Project director Ken Lambert to play with the idea of engaged senses and stimulating conversations based around the increasing flow of screen-based content we watch daily.

Macro photos and footage of pixels and screens was shot in the studio, in addition to textures and screen animations generated with Trapcode Form and Particular. Close-ups of eyes, mouths, and finger touches were also shot in the studio, and combined with the textures to enmesh the figures in a web of pixels and LEDs.

“Screens” held by the figures were custom-milled perspex, shaped like futuristic clear glass iPhones and tablets.

The look was extended to cover play ons/play offs, straps, footage beds, and other parts of a typical show package.


Ken Lambert
Production Company:
Sheepish Lion
VFX Producer:
Michelle Turner
Ken Lambert
Art Direction:
Ken Lambert, Scott Geersen
Art Direction:
Ken Lambert, Scott Geersen
VFX / Design / Comp:
Scott Geersen
Uncanny Valley