McDonalds: Loose Change Menu

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TVC: VFX Supervision, VFX, Compositing (Flame)

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With products shot on a turntable to create a 360 degree view, 3D coins, and an FBX camera as a starting point, I then rebuilt this TVC in Flame.

Products were cleaned up for the full rotation, and timewarped to create the illusion of a spinning camera move. The jumping, shadow strength, blur, position and softness were all controlled with expressions driven by one set of primary animation keys, so that adjustments could be made easily and interactively across all products.


Shoot director:
Geoffry Hall
Leo Burnett Sydney
Production Company:
Carnival Films
Scott Maclean
VFX (Flame):
Scott Geersen
VFX (Nuke):
Oscar Knott
Rodrigo Guimaraes
Chris Gaughran
Post Producer:
Sarah Brown


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