Melbourne Cycling

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TVC: Design, Look Development, Compositing (Flame)

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We emerge from the clouds, leaving the misty skies only to see a landscape as colourless as fog, the sky and ocean pale reflections of each other. The only specks of colour are far off dots, bright yellows, pinks, and purples, racing across a barren landscape towards an anodyne city, buildings in the distance like the shards of white glass.

As we come closer the dots take form, coalesce like fireflies into shapes, shapes becoming riders racing through a city whose blank features begin to show familiar Melbourne landmarks. The camera sweeps down lower, passing amongst the cyclists, through their very bodies, the colourful dots filling screen as the winner explodes across the finishing line, resolving to the Melbourne 2010 Cycling logo.

This 60-second TVC was designed in-house at The Lab Sydney, using the elements of the Melbourne 2010 Cycling logo as the basis for the entire commercial. Using minimal render passes, I was tasked with developing the look of this commercial in Flame. With only ambient occlusion, z-depth, and passes for sky and coloured dots, I was able to inject a cinematic quality and warmth of tone into what could have been otherwise felt like a sparse or unfinished commercial. Far from feeling half-done, the simplicity of the landscape and background allows the colour and motion of the cyclists to occupy our full attention.


The Lab Sydney
Creative Director:
Garry Jacques
Garry Jacques, Scott Geersen, Fin Spencer
Lead Flame:
Scott Geersen
Bertrand Polivka
Clinton Downs, Ferry Taswin, Kanin Phemothayin, Peter Kober


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