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TVC: Design, Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics (After Effects)

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Alternately titled “Ages” and “Raising the Truth”, this campaign for Milo from Director Dael Oates links Milo’s progress over it’s 70-year history to the growth of the children that drink it, as well as the germination of the barley that is Milo’s main ingredient.

Images of children growing up, playing sport, and ultimately becoming successful athletes are used to illustrate the power of Milo in helping children become strong and healthy, while images of antique Milo tins show the history and evolution of the brand.

As the live-action relies heavily on Oates’ characteristic stop-motion sensibilities, the motion graphics sequences called for a similar approach, with a more hand-generated feel. The cricket card sequence was animated frame-by-frame to capture the image of the cricket player, and as the background defocuses, the card it evolves from an old snapshot to a modern collectable featuring one of Australia’s/New Zealand’s best cricketers.

The packshot and logo/mnemonic resolve was similarly animated by hand on a frame-by-frame basis, albeit with the addition of some handy time-stutter expressions to drive more irregularity into elements on every frame. Graphic swirls were drawn and painted by hand, scanned, coloured, and animated with the same combination of hand-animation and stop-motion expressions to appear as if painted on acetate over the film. 3D barley grows in the foreground over the pack shot in time-lapse as the tins progress from older to newer.

The concept was eventually extended into a print Campaign which ran in Australian magazines.


Dael Oates
Singleton, Ogilvy & Mather
Bertrand Polivka
Design, Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics
Scott Geersen
The Lab Sydney
Production Company:


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