Muther Of All Things: Forest

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Fashion Lookbook / Motion: Compositing, Effects (Flame)

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This fashionable motion lookbook takes us on a journey through the styles of MOAT swimwear and the Australian wilderness.
Born from the desire to create wet fashion for the modern day surf diva, MUTHER OF ALL THINGS is a collaboration between Marisa Sidoti & Joceline Godfrey, and draws on inspiration from their surf culture lifestyle and home town Byron Bay.

Originally shot on a Canon 5D, the piece went through an extensive grade process to radically transform the look of the footage. To give a more idyllic, halcyon feel, I added lens flares, out of focus elements, film dirt, shutter streak, light leaks, and grain, for a result that blends modern surf fashion with a nostalgic Super8-style vision.


Gemma Lee
Jessica Mutascio
Jody Muston
Yoomin Lee
Scott Geersen
Charlie Clausen
Joshua Wickett


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