Morris Janks

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Fashion Film: VFX, Compositing (Flame)

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An old man works tirelessly through the night to create the perfect doll. It would take something truly extraordinary to breathe life into his vision… perhaps, the perfect dress?

New fashion label MORRIS JANKS prelaunch their label and first collection “Naissance” with this short film. With an eerie performance by Cass Cumerford as the doll-maker, and the exquisite beauty and poise of Annabella Barber (Optus “It’s Possible”); Morris Janks is a dark and eldritch tale with a slice of tongue-in-cheek humour.

To portray convincingly lifeless dolls, as VFX artist in Flame I had to rebuild shots using painted frames tracked back into existing camera moves, or in some cases rebuild shots completely using stills in 2.5D space. Of particular note was the interaction between the dollmaker and one of his creations, with the dollmaker lowering the outstretched arm of his prized figurine. Creating a realistic interaction between man and lifeless doll was of key importance to the film. In many of the close-up shots, joins between arms, wrists, and torsos were also digitally enhanced to appear more doll-like, and most shots had extensive beauty work performed.


Alan Chen
Benjamin Shepherd, Luke Tierney, Alan Chen
Benjamin Shepherd
Production & Costume Designer:
Pele Hehea
Film Editor:
Kelly Searancke
Scott Maclean
Scott Geersen
Production Company:
Mind Console
Robert Clark
Sound Designer:
Nathaniel Watkins
Morris Janks


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