NSW Health: STI

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TVC: Design, Direction, Animation, Compositing, Shoot Supervision, Flame

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There’s nothing better for your reel than a job about sexually transmitted diseases.

NSW Health presented me with a pre-designed print ad and asked me to explore animation options and added pizazz. I directed 3D animators and shot Lab staff on greenscreen, then brought all the elements together to create an oozy, icky 3D ride through a web of sexual connections. NSW Health were very particular about some odd things… the level of wetness for example (sadly, not allowed!), colour, and the design of the “sperm-tree” were all the subjects of many discussions.

I also repurposed this 15′ commercial to work as digital signage, reformatted (re-rendered, reanimated, and re-comped) for portrait proportions to play on upright LCD screens in pubs, clubs, and shopping malls.

Animation was was also re-used in a 30s version of the ad around live-action cuts and both versions aired.


Creative Director:
Garry Jacques
Direction, Design, AE:
Scott Geersen
Scott Geersen
Ferry Taswin, Kevin Blom, Ian Watson
Linda Lum
George Patterson Y&R, Sydney


NSW Health STIs: image02
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