I’m a Director, title sequence designer, VFX Supervisor and Flame artist, based in Sydney, AU. I use Flame, Nuke, After Effects, and Cinema4D.

With more than 15 years in the industry at companies like Animal Logic, Digital Pictures, Method/PostModern, Cutting Edge, Heckler, Engine, Ink Project, and even Bazmark (working out of Baz Luhrmann’s living room), I now work directly with forward-thinking local and international clients, providing visual concepts that are characterised by insight, intent, and imagination.

Collaborating first-hand with agencies and production companies, I’ve worked on media that varies from virals to TV series to feature films and title sequences. My VFX and design have contributed to a wide range of awards, and featured in publications such as Stash, Motionographer, Australian Creative, Desktop, and Computer Arts UK. Work has also screened globally at events such as Pausefest, SXSW, Promax, Young Guns, the Sydney Film Festival, and Tropfest.

A member of the Australian Production Design Guild and council member of AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association), I have been privileged to share my experience at events such as Tropfest Rough Cuts, AEAF, NodeFest and Pause Fest, as well as mentoring and lecturing at various design schools.

I burn with the power of a thousand suns for the opportunity to collaborate on projects that blend both art and science.